Sponges, scrubbing bands, gloves

Body sponges, scrubbing bands and body gloves - these important little things made by UAB "Namų tekstilė" help in transforming the sauna's pleasures into benefits for the health. Without these daily personal hygiene measures we wouldn’t manage while bathing at home or in a sauna.

Massage body sponges, scrubbing bands and gloves are made slightly rougher than those designed for washing, they serve as a scrub for the body (peeling). Sauna is the very place where the warmth expands the pores of the skin and thanks to these massage instruments it is possible not only to perfectly wash your body, but also by massaging with gentle movements to improve blood circulation and remove the worn-out surface skin cells. Following these treatments, the skin looks renewed, becomes very clean, smooth and ready for other beauty treatments.

Body sponge

UAB "Namų tekstilė" produces natural bathing and massaging body sponges made of natural cotton and linen fabrics. Sponges are aesthetic, oval shaped, 14 cm in diameter, with a strip that holds the sponge in your hand during a wash or massage.

The most popular are the following body sponges:

  • Massage - 75% linen with 25% cotton. We sew massage body sponges from the same material as massage towels and sauna gloves. Both massaging linen sponges and massaging towels and gloves are made of rougher fabric than half-linen or cotton sponges, towels and gloves. Although these massaging products contain of 75% linen, the loops are 100% linen and the base to which the loops are woven into are 100% cotton, making the fabric balance of 75% linen and 25% cotton.
  • Bathing sponges are made of 100% cotton or 40% linen with 60% cotton, from the same materials as sauna aprons, hoods, scrubbing bands, sponges, gloves. These sponges are milder and are perfect for everyday bathing.

Massage body sponges are made from the same massage towel fabric.

Scrubbing band

The composition of the scrubbing band is the same as the sponge, the only differences are that it’s longer, 13 cm x 70 cm and has two handles, to make it easy to rub your back.

Sauna gloves

A sauna glove is made for a convenient use because it is much more comfortable to rub a body with a hand in a glove, rather than holding a scrub by the hand. We sew massaging sauna gloves fingerless or with a thumb by a special order.

Fingerless gloves – for massage 75% linen, 25% cotton and for daily use - 40% linen, 60% cotton. Both sizes of gloves are 14 cm x 25 cm.

Many “Namų tekstilė“ brand sauna products are made from the same colored fabric; therefore, you can assemble different combinations according to your liking.

Gloves with a thumb are made from the same fabric as wool hats, they protect the hand from hot water steam while pouring water on the stones.

We wish you clean, smooth, beautiful, rejuvenated skin with UAB "Namų tekstilė" massage sauna sponges, scrubbing bands and gloves!