Sauna hats, hoods

Bath hats and special hoods protect the head from overheating, and the hair from an excessive drying. The density, thickness and composition of the special fabric for these hats and hoods are balanced precisely for the reliable isolation from heat.

The "Namų tekstilė" brand’s the most popular sauna hats

Woolen hats are made from a woolen fabric while using special looming machines.

Felt hats are sewn from even higher density material, with the help of industry-specific special machines. These caps protect the hair and the head from the heat even more. The felted material is made with water-planting technology, which reduces the scent of natural sheep wool.

Half-woolen hats we sew from a special material containing of 40% wool, and 60% polyester. These polyester caps are tighter, more durable, longer-lasting, modern technology allows production of porous, "breathable" synthetic or semi-synthetic material.

Half-linen hats and hoods are sewn from 40% linen and 60% cotton - from the same fabric as half-linen aprons and towels. Thus, buyers and wholesale customers usually choose their favorite colored sauna sets.

Half-linen hats are very comfortable, hygienic and lightweight; their maintenance is easy, simple to wash. Before putting this cap on the head it can be soaked in water to further protect the head and hair from the effects of dry hot sauna exposure.

Children's half-linen hats are the only children’s product, we always have them in stock because they are in high demand, they are lightweight, comfortable and well-worn. We make other material children's hats for special orders.

Cotton hats are sewn out of 100% soft combed cotton. The rich selection of colorful cotton hats meets the taste of the most demanding buyer.

"Namų tekstilė" brand popular hoods

Aesthetic, comfortable, made from natural 100% cotton and semi-linen (40% linen, 60% cotton) hoods are manufactured from the same fabric as towels and bathrobes; it is an excellent head and damp hair protection not only in the sauna but also at home after baths. The edges of the hoods are hemmed and conveniently seated with a button. Therefore, the appearance of the hood is like a complete garment worn until the hair is dry.

It is convenient to hide dry hair (so it doesn’t dampen if you do not need to wash it) and lie in a bathtub. Both on wet and on dry hair the hood feels much more comfortable than wrapping a head with a towel.

We wish you a good, hot sauna with “Namų tekstilė” hats and hoods!