Jacquard Blankets, Cushions

Aesthetic jacquard blankets are not only part of the warmth and comfort of a home interior, but they also keep people’s warmth in the literal sense. The warmth, is a great result of New Zealand sheep wool yarns and modern UAB „ Namų tekstilė “ production technologies.

Thanks to the vivid fantasy of professional textile designers today, the renewed blanket technology of Jonava UAB "Namų tekstilė" has been transferred into a wide variety of blanket designs, ranging from the latest fashion word-dictated combinations of colors and shapes of textiles, clothing and interior designs, to drawings, logos and other desired graphic signs desired by the clients.

Decorating possibilities of jacquard blankets are practically unlimited. Long-term specialists constantly raise their qualification to ensure that the production keeps improving. The new generation of jacquard weaving machines transfer the most complicated drawings onto the fabric chosen by the client either from our existing company's drawings base or requested by the client’s drawings exclusively.

Decorative pillows

Decorative  (40 cm x 40 cm) pillows are sewn from the same fabric with the same drawing or motives as jacquard blankets. The set of these cushions, along with the chosen jacquard blanket complements the drawing and naturally fills the cozy accents of this smooth and soft wool fabric home interior.

We make decorative cushions from the most popular blanket patterns; Today we have 30 jacquard blanket designs. The variety of cushion patterns adapted to the design of the blankets is constantly changing.

Jacquard blanket and decorative pillow user

Although the wide range of colors and patterns of woolen jacquard blankets and decorative cushions satisfy the most diverse needs of every buyer, UAB "Namų tekstilė" produces unique looking and purposeful blankets with coordinated cushions for individual wholesale orders too.

We discuss the sizes, colors and designs of individual orders with the customer and help them choose the best option. What’s important is not only the occasion for using the product or purpose but also the customer’s company aesthetics. In particular, we suggest including the company’s logo, slogan and other important details of the company's image and style.

The larger part of our made blankets and decorative cushions is for wholesale orders - hospitals, hotels, kindergartens, children's leisure camps, corporate business gifts. Particularly popular are Christmas blankets with depicted corporate attributes and so on.

It should be noted that the market for blankets in different countries of the world demand jacquard blankets with the country’s nature motives. Also individual needs and tastes of each user should be taken into account. For example, Russian inhabitants appreciate jacquard blankets with horses, Lithuanians love blankets with sheep drawings, and Scandinavian countries order blankets with deer images that are common to their environment. Of course, the design elements of the same patterns are also applied to the cushions.

Soft, gentle and cozy jacquard New Zealand sheep wool blankets - an irreplaceable cover for both winter and summer. These blankets are without tassels, their sides are sewn up with the same wool, as a result it is convenient to dress the blanket and use it as a sleeping cover. Understandably, blankets for calm winter sleep are thicker, whereas for summer - thinner. However, the basis weight (weight of the fabric in gr / 1 m2) does not affect blanket prices. Blanket’s weight is raw material, and the appearance of a blanket is technology and human work.

Cotton blankets

Cotton jacquard blankets - various colors and intricate patterns, used as aesthetic, complementary to interior design bedspreads. During the summer it is convenient to rest on the beach or generally in the nature on the grass. These blankets are not used in place of sleeping blankets and are not pulled in the covers.

Cotton, plain geometric patterned, full of various sizes and colors blankets are  suitable for both children and adults, especially great helpers on hot summer nights. 100% cotton blanket’s waffle surface absorbs sweat, allows the skin to breathe and is non-allergenic. These blankets are easy to maintain. Washable in an automatic machine, cotton blankets do not shrink, as the fabric is immediately "settled" during the production process.

Characteristics of jacquard blankets and cushions

Jacquard weight is 480 gr./m2
Dimensions cm
 Blankets - - 130 x 200.
 Decorative cushions are 40 cm x 40 cm
Composition  100% New Zealand sheep soft wool