Blankets with tassels

Like jacquard blankets, we weave blankets with tassels from 100% of New Zealand sheep's wool.

Woolen blankets with tassels are woven slightly thinner and therefore lighter than jacquard plaids. Blankets with tassels, unlike jacquard blankets, are more suited to wrap up at home. That's why they are lighter, more flexible, more attached to clothes and body lines of the human body.

Being covered by wool is nice, cozy and relaxing after a busy day's work. The best experience with these blankets is while sitting near a fireplace, watching TV or reading a book.

UAB "Namų tekstilė", continues the tradition of manufacturing simple geometric patterns with 100% natural wool, as if putting together the historical memory, the peace of our ancestors' lifestyles, the coziness and warmth of home interior.

Checkered, striped (non-jacquard) multicolored woolen blankets, decorated with tassels of the same yarns as the accent of the product completeness, acquires a distinctive attractive appeal. Harmoniously slumped blanket’s tassels enlivens the environment and wardrobe style while having a cup of tea with neighbours or friends.

Natural wool blankets are a real refreshment for the tired human body

It is very important for everyone to rest and relax properly in these tempestuous, often pointless, man-made rushes and excessive emotional and physical stresses after a busy day's work. So, in the cool winter or summer evenings, the natural sheep wool fiber and cotton blankets are a real rejuvenation for the human body, thoughts and emotions.

UAB "Namų tekstilė" blankets do not cause allergies, because no allergenic substances or synthetics are used in production. All UAB “Namu tekstile” branded products are sewn from natural materials - New Zealand sheep wool and cotton yarn.

  • The blanket can replace a warm sleeping blanket overnight or aesthetic bedspread in the days.
  • Pleasure can be enjoyed in the beach on the sand combined with sea breeze.
  • A fun picnic in the wild can be arranged on a blanket.
  • A blanket can be a part of home decor, creating a feeling of coziness and warmth.

Blankets with tassels consumers

Approximately 80% of UAB "Namu tekstile" wool and cotton blankets are for wholesale orders. The most common clients are hotels and holiday homes, kindergartens and children's summer camps.

Lithuania and the city of Jonava are getting recognition abroad because of UAB "Namu tekstile",  our company's woven blankets are exported to Russia, Germany, Great Britain.

We supply blankets directly to Lithuanian retail stores, understandably, at favorable prices.