Bread baskets, bags

Linen bread baskets and bags are what's nice, natural, used daily and never morally outdated. These cute details of everyday use can be conventionally referred to as simply textile classics.

Linen bread baskets

Bread and linen in Lithuania have been respected from ancient times. In national songs, tales and proverbs it is often mentioned that it was not easy to grow bread and to weave linens, Lithuanians have not always had enough of them. Therefore, with a great deal of respect and love, the bread slice was grated, carefully put on a linen tablecloth and covered with a linen towel.

Extending the ancient traditions, we are sewing linen bread baskets today. They are interesting and beautiful, suitable not only for storing bread but also for daily use, to serve cookies, nuts and other delicacies. To surprise guests. To gift something memorable to the returning Lithuanian from another country. Even though it is unlikely that he/she will eat Lithuanian bread abroad, having a link to homeland will remind him/her of home.


In order to save our planet and ourselves, it is necessary to abandon the unfriendly products of the Earth, which includes a list of consumer plastic bags. Therefore, "Namų tekstilė" shopping bags made from natural linen fabric are a great way to support the nature.

"Namų tekstilė" branded bags are lightweight, durable and comfortable to use for both shopping and carrying in a purse. These bags are easy to fold and are closed with a button, so they are very compactable and do not take much space. When a time comes for shopping, these aesthetic, colorful, embroidered capacious pouches will always be near and plastic bags will be avoided.

Smaller linen pouches are intended for dry products – herbs, apples, mushrooms, breads and teas. Moisture does not accumulate in natural linen bags, food that is stored in them breathes and does not mold. Charming bags with alluring drawings will enliven the kitchen interior when kept in an open space.

Long-lasting reusable bags and bread baskets can and should be washed, as a result, they are easy to maintain clean.

Kitchen textile assemblies

“Namų tekstilė” kitchen textiles (aprons, gloves, coasters, breads baskets, bags) are made from the same linen and half-linen fabric in a variety of about 30 printed patterns. All fabrics are combined in a common style eye-catching gray background, as if highlighting mutually compatible dear and joyful animal shapes and other playful elements of the natural human environment. Therefore, many kitchen textile shoppers assemble all products to their needs and taste. These products are assembled in our company under wholesale orders.

All “Namų tekstilė” kitchen textiles are valued not only in Lithuania but also in Western Europe and Russia.

Enjoy your homely hours with practical UAB "Namų tekstilė" kitchen goods!