Linen towels

The rhythm of a soft flax color national patterns
woven into natural linen towels,
sounds as if a dear Lithuanian folk song with harmonious sounds,
  transferring thoughts to the peaceful space - without rush or pressure.

Linen towels from “Namų tekstilė“ brand in the Lithuanian and foreign markets are known for the following basic twists: loop, embossed (mostly "waffle") and still.

Terry, linen towels

Linen towels are also called massaging due to firm and slightly rough hairs. The 100% natural linen towels are significantly rougher than cotton, and more so bamboo. The roughness of linen towels is determined by the two-sided stiff linen loops.

However, after a lot of laundry linen towels become softer gradually diminishing the function of massage, whereas cotton towels do not become softer with numerous washings. But still a terry linen towel even after washing often will remain more rougher than well-maintained cotton or bamboo towels.

It is a healthy, organic, natural linen roughness. Wiping with such a towel makes the human body feel like in a massage, which improves blood circulation. With intensified blood circulation, our bodies or their systems are better equipped with oxygen, activating the functions of the body, increasing human vigilance and working capacity.

Embossed linen towels

Waffle linen towel surface forms the main part of embossed linen towels made from UAB ”Namų tekstilė”. Different sized squares that simulate stamped waffle patterns onto the surface adds thickness to the towel, that’s why the same content area can absorb more moisture than smooth fabric. In addition, the waffle towel is softer than the smooth canvas, it's more refined, fluffier and more comfortable to the body.

We produce linen waffle towels with stripes and stitches with attractive designs, combinations of light colors and shades.

Waffle towels because of the embossed surface can be conventionally called massaging like terry towels. They are lighter than terry towels and easier to maintain, waffle patterned towels are great for wiping children and adults, the whole body and hands.

Waffle linen towel weight is 250 g/m2

Waffle linen towel size in cm:  70 x 140 and 80 x 150

Unbleached linen towels

Holding a natural unbleached linen towel in hands, smelling genuine flax feels as if getting in touch with the origins of our national traditions. In our memories or imagination there are buzzing wooden machines, with which the hard-working women's arms weaved graceful linen towels from their own grown, dressed, and thinly woven linen yarns.

From ancient times, besides the direct purpose, linen towels had a ritual meaning. They were used during weddings and funerals. This tradition has survived to this day.

Unbleached linen towels are the most natural, retaining not only the appearance of linen but also a pleasant flaxseed smell. We make these towels only for orders, usually as attributes in events and national souvenirs that are especially appreciated abroad.

The Lithuanian national patterns interweaved in linen towels made from a combination of bleached and unbleached linen yarns distinguishes extraordinary charm.

Unbleached linen towels are sewn on a leveled surface. The finer the fabric, the denser it is, the lighter, more pleasing and more attractive it is. Such lightweight and elegant unbleached linen towels are manufactured by UAB "Namų tekstilė", this is one of many attributes of high-quality towels.