Bedding materials

Bedding is not required to be bought on a daily basis. Every day we use it only.
High quality or poor quality of our rest and sleep
affect the mood, work efficiency, adequacy of solutions,
general human condition and quality of life.


UAB "Namų tekstilė", located in Jonava since 2003, sews bedding in various colors and sizes made from natural 100% linen and cotton fabrics. Weaving is the production of the product while using weaving machines in a certain order by knitting two vertical yarn systems: longitudinal (warp) and crosswise (weft). Satin, batting, damask, flannel and other cotton fabrics and knitwear are the most commonly used to make bedding.

Satin - Cotton or silk fabric of satin weave, whose side is shiny, while the bad one is matt.

Batiste - (named after the fabric inventor Baptiste Chambray (XIII century)) - thin translucent cotton or silk fabric, monochromatic or colorful; bedding, dresses, curtains are made from it.

Damask (in Latin: “Damascus” named after the Syrian capital Damascus, where the fabric was produced originally) is a dense jacquard fabric whose background and pattern are weaved with two contrasting homogeneous weaves; it is used for linen and cotton tablecloths, bedding, etc.

Flannel - woolen, semi-wool, cotton or twisted fabric, with a battered mild fluff on one or both sides.

Bedding sets are for single or double beds, and can be in various sets, such as blanket bedding with one to two pillowcases, with or without a bed sheet. Bedding sets are made from various types of cotton and linen natural fiber fabrics, of which the quality, appearance is influenced by the yarn itself and the method of weaving. It should be noted that the known names of fabrics are classified from the old days according to the weaving technology.

At the moment, more and more sizes of beddings are being made for the market, so before you buy bed linen, you need to measure your blankets, pillows and mattresses. We advise you to buy covers about 2-5 cm bigger than a blanket or pillow, because, as you know, natural fiber fabrics tend to shrink during washing, especially linen and cotton.

Bedding patterns and colors are constantly updated. According to customer requests we can sew in zippers to blankets and pillowcases, embroider initials, company logos and other graphic signs desired by the customer.

The larger part of our clients are rural tourism homesteads, hotels, hospitals, kindergartens, textile stores and other companies.

We highly offer bedspreads with our wide range bedding assortment.