Bedding sets

The main groups of bedding sets made by UAB "Namų tekstilė" according to the woven fabric weave are as follows.

Satin bedding sets

Satin or satin bedding sets are sewn out of natural 100% cotton fabric. Traditional satin is woven only from long-fiber cotton with butter finishing technology, which gives the fabric a shine, tenderness, softness and resistance. Satin, despite of its light weight, due to the specific yarn preparation and weaving technology, is very durable, long-lasting and easy to iron.

All bedding sets are dyed using reactive fabric dyeing. This coloring method is more expensive, but is more environmentally friendly, the bedding is softer, easier to wash and does not lose its color during washing. The reactive fabric dyeing method produces the most durable and richest drawings and patterns, satin is one of the most resistant to fading fabrics.

Mako satin is a light and very dense cotton fabric similar to silk. Mako satin is almost twice as thick as a regular satin fabric and much softer because it is made of very thin yarn. It is permeable to air, not slippery, so when you sleep in this bedding you will feel comfortable. Mako satin fabric is wears off for a long time, does not lose its coloring and is easy to iron. Although this extremely high quality satin is about 30% more expensive than the traditional satin fabric, those who value quality choose mako satin bedding. Clients who purchase this bedding no longer imagine their sleep environment without it because the price difference serves the long-term benefit of their health.

Bedding sets for hotels. We sew satin bedding and its sets for hotels from a monochromatic, subtle shiny striped damask, the beauty point of which is the constant rhythm of 2 cm stripes. The bedding set from damask material is aesthetic and durable for long-term use.

We make colorful bedding sets from other fabrics, without damask stripes. Jacquard satin bedding is one of the longest Jonava's UAB "Namų tekstilė" products, which remains durable even after repeated washing.

Due to its durability and beautiful drawings this kind of satin bedding is in high demand not only in hotels, guesthouses, sanatoriums but even more recently in private bedrooms.

Polyester fiber (synthetic) accessories are sometimes used to make satin fabrics. Such satin is cheaper and more durable but it is less permeable to air and is worse at absorbing the moisture. Air permeability and sweat absorption are one of the essential features of bedding that ensures an appropriate sleep.

Developed countries mostly appreciate only one hundred percent natural fiber satin.

In order to preserve the long-lasting quality of the bedding and unmodified appearance, the manufacturer's supervised instructions, and in particular the purpose of the washing mode, water temperature and the respective detergent, must be observed.

Cotton bedding sets

Cotton bedding and its sets are woven from 100% cotton. Cotton materials are made by using two crossed weaving method with long linen fibers.

However, lately, we understand it as a weaving method, when the threads are weaved strictly vertically. Therefore, the material can be of different composition - semi-linen (linen-cotton) and cotton. This particular bedding is a solid, hygienic fabric that is permeable and absorbs moisture.

UAB "Namų tekstilė", cotton bedding is made from strong, thicker yarn with a density of 146 gr/m2; this is the so-called classic cotton. There are also thicker fabrics but they are rarely used for sewing bedding.

Rumpled, corrugated bedding and sets

Corrugated bedding is very suitable in summer for farmsteads. Rumpled fabric cotton, satin bedding sets are very practical to use - they dry quickly and do not need to be ironed. Blanket covers and pillowcases with zippers are very comfortable to use because the blanket doesn’t slip out of the covers but with the inclusion of zipper cost bedding sets are higher priced by several Euros, as a result, we only produce them for wholesale orders.

Corrugated bedding is very easy, pleasant to touch, voluminous. There are no sophisticated care or ironing needed. It is a great choice for those who want to save their precious time.

Flannel Bedding Sets

Flannel bedding  made from 100% cotton is warm, soft, delicate, permeable to air, absorbs moisture. It is mostly used in autumn when the heating season still hasn’t started.