Bamboo towels

We produce bamboo towels only double-sided looped from 50% bamboo and 50% combed cotton yarn. Terry towels with bamboo fiber are classified as the highest quality textile products, due to the properties of the plant that are favorable to the environment and human beings.

Bamboo has an antimicrobial effect, as a result this plant is not harmed by pests and neither fertilizers nor pesticides are used for its growth. Bactericidal and antifungal bamboo effects are retained by bamboo products also, including towels. These bamboo qualities protect towels from a possible unpleasant smell.

Bamboo absorbs and evaporates water 3-4 times faster than cotton. Bamboo towels have the ability to absorb well, evaporate moisture and are permeable to air.

Bamboo fiber is very durable, as a result, bamboo fabrics and towels are very durable. For example, the same 500 g/m2 brushed cotton towel will look thicker than bamboo cotton because the bamboo yarns of the same weight are thinner than cotton. This would mean that bamboo yarns of the same thickness will be heavier than cotton and more durable.

Bamboo fiber is eco-friendly does not tangle and does not fade, so it's great for the textile products made from it. Bamboo reminds us of silk softness, does not irritate the skin and is perfect for the kids.

Bamboo towel care

Bamboo products require little maintenance. Bamboo towels that are properly washed and dried after many washes remain soft, aesthetic, durable and fluffy.

  • Bamboo towels are recommended to be washed in temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius.
  • These towels should not be dried at the maximum speed of the dryer.
  • Do not use fabric softener and bleach when washing.
  • It is recommended to dry outdoors, although do not over dry, especially before the sun. It is not advisable to dry on hot surfaces, for example, a radiator.
  • If a thread or loop gets loose (this is a natural property of this fabric) you can simply cut it with sharp scissors.

We wish you comfortable and practical use of Jonava's "Namų tekstilė" bamboo towels.