Baby textiles

UAB "Namų tekstilė" produces a wide range of natural fiber textiles for children of different ages. We offer attractive designs, practical and easy-to-maintain textile products for children from baby to pupil ages, for wholesale orders and retailing. Our products include children's linen bedding, 100% cotton bedding sets, towels with hoods, bathrobes with hoods, kitchen aprons, soft patterned woolen and cotton children's blankets.

The main customers of children's textile products are kindergartens, hospitals, children's homes, camps. For larger quantities of children's textiles we accept orders with individual designs according to the customer's drawing.

Children’s Wool and Cotton Blankets

Children's blankets like adults’ are woven and sewn from the same 100 % wool or cotton fabric, with children's drawings only.

Wool blankets

Small children sized blankets with intricate patterns and constantly updated variety of playful drawings are made from New Zealand's delicate sheep wool. Joyful pets like cute puppies, kittens, sheep, lambs, bears resembling the heroes of children's favourite films and fairy tales come to life in these blankets and their favourite soft decorative cushions. For each pet there are different coloured shades, for example, teddy bears are usually in seven colours, lambs - in two, and so on.

Particularly appealing to the children and their parents are the blankets made out of a combination of soft grey and white yarns. These are natural, ecologic, non-coloured blanket patterns made from natural-coloured wool. Moreover, the blankets that are woven with coloured yarns are ecologic because the yarn is painted with eco-friendly, harmless paint.

Jacquard wool blanket size is 90 x 130 cm.

Cotton blankets

Baby cotton blankets are soft, delicate, pleasantly attaches to a sensitive little baby's body. The softness and purity of the blanket is influenced by the weaving of the fabric such as waffled, braided, crossed (like the "Christmas tree"), etc. The most popular cotton blanket weave is waffled.

The variety for baby cotton blankets is extensive, there are pastel blue, pastel pink, green, purple, red, yellow, and more colours. If the soon-to-be parents do not know their baby's gender when preparing the baby's bed neutral coloured blankets are purchased – white, creamy, brownish, yellowish, greenish, and so on.

We sew children's cotton blankets in the size 70 cm x 100 cm. This is a stable size, since this fabric does not shrink when soaked and washed according to the instructions.

Bathrobes with hoods

Terry "Namų tekstilė " brand 100% cotton children's bathrobes are very comfortable, aesthetic and practical textile products, they are delightedly worn by our small consumers and loved by their mothers. A soft bathrobe with a hood reliably protects the baby and his/her head from the sudden change in temperature after bathing or showering.

We make bathrobes with hoods in monochrome colours, in all basic colours and many shades of cool and warm tones and neutral.

Towels with hood

Soft and mild terry towels with a hood embroidered with creative children's drawings are sewn from 100% brushed cotton 90 cm x 90 cm, they are indispensable for wrapping the baby after bath. This is a very convenient way to protect a little child from sudden changes in ambient temperature.

The wholesale customer can offer variations of designs and dimensions.

Bedding sets

UAB "Namų tekstilė” ensures that children's sets of natural 100% cotton will satisfy not only the taste of the toddler but also his/her parents, grandmothers and other relatives who buy this bedding as a gift.

Every day designers are finding new ideas for children’s drawings, so the depictions on bedding changes every three months. At one time we have developed about forty different designs of children's bedding for wholesale.

Children's bedding sets are made of comfy cotton and even smoother combed cotton satin weave fabric.

Standard set sizes cm

  • Cover is 110 x140
  • Pillow covers are 40 x 60
  • Bedsheet is 110 x 150

For larger quantities of children's bedding sets we accept individual orders of the desired size and design.

Children’s aprons

The inventive half-linen aprons for small helpers in the kitchen can be an appealing and stimulating way to attract a child away from computers or smartphones for a moment. The time spent with parents nowadays is an invaluable asset to every kid, especially when this time is spent productively by preparing delicious dishes. No need to say, the baby's help will always make the food more delicious than the one without his/her participation.

By helping the parents and other family members the child gradually acquires work skills, learns his/her language, reflects on his/her understanding, senses the surrounding environment, creates positive qualities of the character naturally, and so on. For these practical "lessons" and for the time spent with their parents in their childhood, adult sons and daughters will probably be grateful. Happy moments with a harmonious family often remain precious memories for life.