IMG 2513Our bedding is produced from various types of materials, may be in different sizes and colours. Most of our production is intended for hotels, rural tourism granges, hospitals, kindergartens, textile shops. Bedding patterns and colours are constantly updated to fit modern trends. On client's request we sew–in zippers, embroider initials or company logo, arrange different types of sets.
Modern market is constantly supplemented with various beddings that come in different sizes. Therefore before buying bedclothes we recommend to measure your bedroom belongings: blanket, pillows and mattress. When buying a simple bed sheet it is necessary to add up at least 20 cm overlap so that bed sheet would smoothly lay and wouldn’t be too small. When buying a fitted bed sheet everything is vice versa – such bed sheet should match mattress’s measurements. When buying blanket or pillow slips we recommend 2–5 cm larger slips because natural fabrics are predisposed to shrink during washing process (especially linen or linen–cotton blends).
Even when you buy the most expensive and qualitatively produced bedding, there is a doubt if it will look good and be durable if you take inadequate care of it. Here are some advices:
• The thinner the material, the softer should be its care;
• Sateen and cotton (light colours) garments may be washed at 60 °C temperature;
• To avoid fading, brighter colours (especially bluish, violet and claret shades) are recommended to wash at 40°C temperature;
• The brighter are the colours of a new garment, the more times you should wash it separately from other laundry;
• Blanket and pillow cases should be turned inside out and washed with colour–garment washing machine program at 40°C temperature;
• White laundry may be washed at 90 °C temperature;
• Bedding should be washed at least once a week;
• When washing the bedding it is essential to sort it by colours. Darker colours may colour lighter clothes and any other garments. It is essential to pay attention to care instructions and follow them.
Majority of people spend more time in bed than wearing casual clothing. Usually we do not forget to wash our clothes but our bedding is washed not as often as it should be. Health and good sleep is more important than the time spent for launder.