Linen-Polyester Tablecloths

Jacquard Linen-Polyester Tablecloths

These aesthetic linen-polyester jacquard tablecloths with elegant and intricate patterns are easy to take care of, laundered and ironed, they look like linen tablecloths but are significantly more durable and cheaper.

Fine elegant patterns are the unbleached linen-weaved designs that associate with natural linen fabrics. Because of them these practical tablecloths are pleasing to both private buyers and wholesalers. Due to easy care and aesthetic appearance these tablecloths are especially suitable for rural tourism homesteads.

Linen-polyester tablecloths, at the request of the buyer or the wholesaler, can be assembled with napkins of the same or matching writing elements, which give the table and the environment even more solidity and solemnity.

Linen-polyester tablecloth composition - 77% linen, 23% polyester.

Tablecloths dimensions are cm:

120 x 160
160 x 160
220 x 160
250 x 160
300 x 160 and larger.

Stainless polyester tablecloths

Stain-resistant Teflon-coated polyester tablecloths, often called Teflon tablecloths, are not only beautiful but also very practical. Teflon-coated fabric is moisture-proof, it almost does not absorb wine, coffee or sauces. Such stains can often be immediately cleaned with a napkin and the tablecloth remains clean again.

Teflon tablecloth, which prevents liquids and grease from absorbing into the fabric, is not an oilcloth (cerata) but a beautiful material. We recommend washing these tablecloths by hand at a temperature not higher than 40 ° C, do not wring, dry while hanging and do not iron. If the tablecloth is wrinkly you can carefully iron it from the reverse side.

Inexpensive, lightweight, durable and easy to maintain polyester stain-resistant tablecloths are valued by individual consumers, as well as holiday homes, rural tourism homesteads, kindergartens, cafes and other catering establishments.

We produce white, cream, champagne, cherry colored tablecloths, suitable for occasions and for everyday use.

Stain-resistant polyester tablecloth sizes are cm:

110 x 160
130 x 130
160 x 220, 160 x 240, 160 x 280, 160 x 300, 160 x 350, 160 x 400 and other sizes for bulk orders.

When ordering a larger amount of these tablecloths discounts are applied.