Aprons, gloves, coasters

Aprons, gloves and coasters are an integral part of kitchen chefs’ and their helpers’ clothing and hand protection.

Women's, men's and children's aprons

Taking into account that world of cuisine chefs is very diverse the designers of “Namų tekstilė” designed and constantly update and upgrade apron models designed not only for women but also for men. To help the small helpers learn cooking art in the kitchen and feel equal cuisine masters “Namų tekstilė” manufactures elegant aprons for kids of all ages, for boys and for girls.

All aprons are sewn from durable half-linen or linen fabrics, they are comfortable to wear, with pockets and laces that cover most of the chest. The natural linen fibers not only perfectly protect clothes from possible spots but also are safer than synthetic ones in case of possible exposure to fire.

The hot synthetic mass can be melted on the body from the slightest exposure to fire or a hot electric stove. An incautious match throwing, a potential spark from a fire, a sudden change in the direction of the bonfire, and so on are potential hazards of wearing synthetic clothing, especially those who come in contact with the body. Therefore, when preparing food for open fire, gas and electric cookers, ovens we suggest wearing natural fibers not only for aprons but also for all kinds of clothes.

Gloves, coasters

Gloves and coasters are designed to move the hot pot from the cooker with heated metal handles or pull out a hot dish from the oven, that is why they are made comfortable, heat-resistant and safe. Both the coasters and the gloves we sew from double linen fabric, inside of which is a heat-resistant Teflon.

Gloves are made with a thumb and without a thumb.

Coasters are rectangular shapes that are easy to use for direct hand protection from heat and can protect the furniture as they can be used under a hot pot or frying pan.

Aprons, gloves and coasters and other small kitchen utensils for kitchen use are made of the same fabric and are therefore easily assembled.

Have a safe and pleasant time in your kitchen with "Namų tekstilė" aprons, coasters and gloves!