Today's embroidery is associated with the diligent, patiently embroidered delicate handicrafts and casual occasional embroidered textile products with our hard-working grandmothers. These are beautifully embroidered tracks, napkins, tablecloths, pillowcases, aprons, blouses, and all other that are made with love.

UAB "Namų tekstilė", as if extending this trace of embroidered handicrafts, expanded the variety of embroidery patterns and accelerated the speed hundreds of times.

The possibilities of unlimited embroidery technologies and their applications do not limit the customer's fantasies and needs. Today, "Namų tekstilė" can embroider anything that is requested by the company or a private client. Popular orders are business and occasional gifts with a company’s attributes: the logo, the branding, the customer's drawings, photographs, various notes, urban emblems, etc.

The stitch quantity affects the cost of the embroidery; the size of the embroidered drawing is less affecting and the fabric itself does not matter for the embroidery price. We embroider all fabrics.

We embroider with special yarn in contemporary embroidery machines, the yarn is resistant to washing, does not loose colour or colour other fabrics. These embroidery yarns are about 5 times more expensive than sewing threads. So, when comparing the costs of embroideries, it is advisable to look at the purpose and quality of the embroidery yarn.

The term of service may take from one day up to 1.5 months because it depends on the amount of work and the quantity of orders available at that time, so the terms are advised individually. The orders particularly increase in the holiday season, so please kindly contact us as early as possible.

Tailoring services are ordered not only by Lithuanian companies and individuals but also by foreign wholesalers. Common customers of embroidery products are from Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia and other countries of Western and Eastern Europe. Different notes are embroidered in the language of each country.

Have a nice time with “Namų tekstilė” embroidered handiwork!