Cape variaty

Capes are one of the most versatile textile products in the world. Since ancient times, cloaks have been used in nearly all life situations at any time of the year and at any time of the day, which perfectly reflects the scenes of historical films where the cloak is practically an integral part of a woman's outfit.

Elegant fabrics made from natural woolen fabrics made by UAB "Namų tekstilė" are very popular, they are always fashionable, light and warm, worn as completeness of the individual dress style. The lightness of a natural wool is a feature of the universal winter and summer clothing that makes it a pleasure to wear both outside and inside.

  • Woolen capes that keep body heat in the winter and protect from heat in the summer, are perfect to wear all year round at home and on the go.
  • On cool, windy summer evenings at the beach or a lake soft woolen cloaks are simply irreplaceable.
  • It is advisable to sit comfortably in the evening at the fireplace and read the book, watch the TV or just enjoy the calmness and dream.

UAB "Namų tekstilė" makes soft, smooth capes from 100% natural New Zealand wool fabric designed specifically for capes. (UAB "Namu tekstile" blankets are made from this natural wool yarn too). The range of colors and the variety of patterns satisfy the most diverse customer needs and tastes.

Cape with a hood is a great choice for a windy and cool day. A warm cape with a hood - an indispensable clothing for those resting by the sea, with which no harsh seaside winds will be dreadful.

Cape with a collar is a decorative, stylish, designed for women who like cut-outs, in cooler weather, it's practical to wear clothes with a high neck collar.

Scarf with pockets is an extremely practical choice for walks, "releasing" not only from an extra basket of items or a backpack but also for a pleasant hand warmth.

A wrappable cape - popular and fashionable, protective from the wind and cold. This cape can be used according to recurring time air and individual heat demand.

The natural yarn capes’ heat will never be replaced by any synthetics. A delicate 100% wool of New Zealand sheep neutralizes static workload (often made up of synthetic fibers), makes our skin easy to breathe and helps to relax during any season.

No need to say, where is naturalness, there's health, more important than all the wealth, bank accounts and all other goodies. Enjoy your relaxation and everyday comfort with Jonava UAB "Namų tekstilė" capes.