Terry bath robes

We only tailor bathrobes from cotton, terry and hooded (with capes) but it can also be with a collar, especially for special orders.

Made from zero twist yarn fabric, the UAB "Namų tekstilė" brand bathroom gowns are lightweight, naturally soft, luscious and smooth. Though the fabric of the gown looks thick, it is light and warm, precisely because of soft, non-slippery yet sturdy, natural cotton yarns that are milder than linen.

It should be noted that terry bathrobes are made of special fabrics specifically for bathrobes; terry towel fabric is heavier.

These aesthetic, widely colored bathrobes in various sizes, especially with hood, perfectly protect the entire body from the sudden difference in temperature between the bathroom and the environment behind the bathroom door. Wrapping yourself in a lightweight, breathable cotton bathrobe makes grown-ups and children feel comfortable.

Terry cotton bath robe sizes: M, L, XL XXL, children sizes are sewn according to special orders.

We wish you a pleasant and comfortable relaxation after a bath or a shower with light, warm and aesthetic Jonava’s UAB "Namų tekstilė" bathrobes!