Cotton linen tablecloths

UAB "Namų tekstilė" produces 100% cotton and linen tablecloths in various designs: smooth, uncomplicated, jacquard patterns, with or without stain-resistant Teflon finish. For practical reasons - due to durability, fabric strength, and easy ironing - tablecloths are made from mixed cotton-polyester fabrics.

Tablecloths are designed for round, rectangular and square tables. We sew for retail and for larger quantities according to individual orders.

Cotton tablecloths

Cotton tablecloths are an integral part of hotel and restaurant's dining room interior. Therefore, we manufacture these tablecloths mainly for wholesale orders. We offer necessary sizes, colors, finishes, fabrics and patterns to choose from a wide range of available samples that we deliver to the customer's address. Together with the customer’s representative we discuss the specific needs, examine the environment and choose the most acceptable tablecloth size, color, design and fabric combination.

White and cream-colored cotton tablecloths and napkins adjusted accordingly are especially in high demand. Tables set with these kits and elegant tableware help in creating a luxurious interior for the banquet hall, which sets a solemn and festive mood.

Jacquard linen tablecloths

Classic jacquard tablecloths are known and appreciated since ancient times. New generation technologies have enriched jacquard fabrics with more sophisticated modern writing and preserved their most valuable qualities - naturalness, solidity, durability and elegance. Bleached or natural linen colored jacquard tablecloth is perfect for a festive table, it can be combined with the same colored linen napkins or similar colored linen napkins. Both the tablecloths and the napkins can be hemstitched and decorated with fine lace.

Linen jacquard tablecloths are loved by people who appreciate high quality, authenticity and naturalness. These gorgeous 100% linen tablecloths are greatly enjoyed by foreigners, so we export most of them to foreign countries.

Linen tablecloths in Lithuania are popular among individual consumers as well as wholesale buyers and especially rural tourism homesteads.

Jacquard linen tablecloth dimensions are cm:

120 x 150
150 x 150
220 x 150
300 x 150
350 x 150
400 x 150

We have all of these sizes permanently in stock, we even tailor larger sizes for special orders.