Blanket production, trade

Blankets - a tried and tested, almost thousand-year-old, universal, wool yarn textile product. We often see actors in historical films wrapped themselves in blankets acting in various situations - from very serious, concentrated on business meetings to relaxed moments with a cup of tea surrounded by natural fireplace sparks.

Over the years the blanket patterns, colours, weaving technology and fiber composition has changed by retaining fashion trends. However, the name of the blanket, as an indispensable part of everyday life and cozy home furnishing piece, has remained to this day.

An integral part of the pleasure and home interior decoration is the accent of the pillowcases, completed with blankets.

It should be noted that the complicated patterns of jacquard blankets, are weaved with modern machines. Compared to the ancient times when wooden machines were used to create plain blankets, it is essentially the next level product. Jacquard blankets are one of the most important products of Jonava UAB "Namų tekstilė" products, widely known in Lithuania and abroad.

UAB "Namų tekstilė", supplies blankets and decorative cushions to these Lithuanian retail stores.

Brand name shop in Jonava - Fabriko street 48, LT-55111 Jonava.
Shop in Vilnius - Dominikonų street 14, LT-01131 Vilnius
Shop in Visaginas - Veteranų street 2, LT-31138 Visaginas