BUSINESS GIFTSA business gift is a bridge to warmer, closer relationships, attention to regular customers, trusted suppliers, business partners, company birthdays and its employees.

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BlanketsBlankets - a tried and tested, almost thousand-year-old, universal, wool yarn textile product.

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Sauna"Namų tekstilė" manufactures many sauna aprons in different sizes that are fastened with an adhesive tape and rubber band.

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Namų tekstilė

Various textile products, that maintains the natural fiber (for example: natural sheep wool, linen, cotton) production.

UAB “Namų tekstilė“ brand is associated with a particularly high quality in each product, long-lived company’s and its specialists’ professional experience, original designs, home coziness, festive moods in café and restaurant ball rooms, soothing kitchen environment, sauna’s pleasures, business and festivity gifts, all of which is especially needed for you and your home.

For you – it means that all “Namų tekstilė” products are made for all generations, from the smallest consumer – a baby, to various sized adults, not to mention our most demanding customers – teens and small kids.

For your home – it means that all “Namų tekstilė” products are popular and demanded not only for private consumers but also for every place, where a person stays in for a short or long period of time. It could be kindergartens, hotels, rest homes, rural tourism homesteads, orphanages and various camps. Without natural cotton or linen towels, without high quality, durable, aesthetic natural linen and cotton bedding, without a warm, soft natural fiber bedsheet the stay is unimaginable.  

“Namų tekstilė” brand’s stylish natural fiber, linen, cotton, wool products are well known and established by foreigners, production promotes Lithuania kindly in all Europe and Russia. How can you not be joyful when today’s technologies allow the designer to bring his/her vision to reality, when the new technologies allow to transfer each country’s national motives, messages and wild nature’s accents onto our products according to unexpected customer’s needs. “Namų tekstilė” – consideration in the client and his/her home.


Mako-Sateen bedding sets

Mako-Sateen bedding sets2019-05-01

Mako-Sateen bedding sets

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Half linen jacquard kitchen towels

Half linen jacquard kitchen towels2019-04-01

Patterns from jacquard weaving - moose or cats - give the towels a distinctive look, look aesthetically and are very durable.

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Terry bath robes

Terry bath robes2019-03-01

Made from zero twist yarn fabric, the UAB "Namų tekstilė" brand bathroom gowns are lightweight, naturally soft, luscious and smooth

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