Sauna aprons

Sauna is not only relaxation, pleasant communication with friends, colleagues and loved ones but also health improvement. Through more open heat-treated pores various contaminants are removed with sweat from the body. After sauna the general condition of a person improves, energy is restored, as if it is renewed, the skin becomes clearer, which is especially important for every woman who cares for the smoothness and tenderness of her skin.

Just as the use of certain amenities is important for any health procedure, so are some specific measures to achieve the sauna’s provided pleasures.

UAB "Namų tekstilė" produces everything that could be needed for self-wellness in the sauna.

Sauna aprons

 "Namų tekstilė" manufactures many sauna aprons in different sizes that are fastened with an adhesive tape and rubber band. With these aprons you can be in intense heat and you can wipe off sweat with it (so that you do not have to rub with your hands) inside the sauna itself or when experiencing a sudden temperature change. In addition, these aprons perfectly absorb moisture and cover the body, so when you sip a cup of tea outside you will feel cozy.

Sauna aprons are a great choice for those who like to enjoy the sauna completely nude.

We sew women's and men's aprons from a looped cloth. For women - larger, covering the chest and down to the knees, for men - about twenty cm shorter, tucked away from the torso to the knees.

Apron fabrics, the yarn composition and colors are the same or very similar to towels of the same brand, so it's convenient to buy your favorite color and fabric sets.

  • Cotton aprons are sewn from a looped or terry fabric, sizes are 75 cm x 150 cm for women and 55 cm x 150 cm for men.

  • Half-linen aprons - 40% linen, 60% cotton, size 75 cm x 140 cm - for women and 55 cm x 140 cm for men. Exactly half-linen aprons we also produce in larger sizes, 80 cm x 160 cm - for women and 60 cm x 160 cm for men.

  • Linen yarn aprons according to weaving technology are these:

  • Still linen - completely flat, vertically weaved yarn, 100% linen fabric. Sizes: 75 cm x 145 cm - for men and 85 cm x 145 cm for women. These aprons are very light and pleasant for the body, absorb sweat really well.
  • Waffled surface linen – sewn out of 100 % linen or 75% linen and 25% cotton of the same waffle fabric used for towels. Sizes: 75 cm x 145 cm - for men and 85 cm x 145 cm for women.

According to individual orders, we embroider the desired graphic sign on sauna aprons. Particularly popular are orders with companies’ logos or brand names. Such original aprons are a pleasant, memorable surprise for colleagues and business partners.