Napkins, tracks

Napkins and tracks are an integral part of the daily or festive cozy table for the family and guests that has been used since ancient times. Older women still remember the time when their grandmothers and mothers, after finishing their housework, pursued handicrafts on long winter evenings, among which the handmade napkins were one of the most important. Round or square fabric cloth with beautiful lace, embroideries or hemstitches after some diligent work in the evening used to become a cozy table and interior accent.

UAB "Namų tekstilė" continues the production of these cute table serving items - aesthetic napkins - creatively transferring the production to the next level in a variety of assortment and, of course, production speed.

The aesthetic finish is performed by modern production technologies. The finishing touches on napkins and tracks are created by a professional designer and is brought to life with the company’s special equipment that allows the product to maintain the comfort and subtle human heat.

"Namų tekstilė" napkin and track finishes

UAB "Namų tekstilė” napkins and tracks are mostly decorated with embroideries, hemstitching, lace or colored linen special roses.

The modern equipment of decorative embroidery, hemstitching and lightweight lace carefully transfers the subtle, variously patterned, intricate drawings onto the napkins and tracks. Without an absolute precision and the repetitive rhythm of identical elements, you could think that these napkins and tracks are craft pieces of fine arts designed by the example of non-repetitive patterns of nature.

Decorative linen rose is prepared for table serving near every guest’s plate in special napkin holders. The colors of the linen rose’s stems, blossoms and leaves are not accidental. The subtle and contrasting combinations of decorative linen roses are obvious occasional interior and table accents that help in creating and memorizing the exclusive mood of the feast.

The napkin sets with or without tracks are sewn from the same or similar fabric as the tablecloths.

Purchasing napkin sets is available at retail stores, selling both “Namų tekstilė“ and other branded products, so the buyer can customize the napkins to the chosen tablecloth at his own discretion. Wholesale order napkins and tablecloths are assembled according to the customer's wishes, chosen from a wide assortment of options. The most popular wholesale customers are Lithuanian and foreign hotels, restaurants and other catering establishments, that pay attention to their visitors, coziness and beauty.