UAB “Namų tekstilė“ sells high-quality cotton, linen and half-linen fabrics at favorable prices, for sewing enterprises, retail stores and individuals in Lithuania and abroad - in Germany, Great Britain, Scandinavia and other countries of the European Union and Eastern Europe.

Cotton fabrics

Cotton fabrics - one of the most popular, more widely used for sewing bedding. Cotton fabrics can be satin and vertical weave.

Cotton satin fabrics are specially finished, very resistant to washing (light-colored fabrics can even be boiled and dark ones are washable at sixty degrees), which makes it very suitable for bedding sets, especially for children and teenagers of all ages bedsheets.

Width of Cotton Satin Fabrics

  • Width of patterned satin fabric is 220 cm.
  • One-color satin fabric width is 270 m.

Linen fabrics

Linen fabrics are not only the Lithuanian tradition that came since ancient times but also a timeless and always trendy, healthy, ecological classic.

The advantages of linen fabrics

  • Linen fabrics are significantly more durable than cotton, more resistant to rubbing and washing
  • Does not accumulate electrostatic charge, weakens radiation, protects against ultraviolet rays, and is therefore used for protection even in spacecraft.
  • When washed linen fabric softens. Compared to other fabrics, they maintain less soap and calx deposits.
  • Linen is a natural antiseptic, does not cause allergies, so linen fabrics are suitable for sensitive skin and young children.
  • Linen fabrics are permeable to air and absorb moisture and sweat very well, resulting in a favorable microclimate for the skin, which does not overheat.
  • Linen is an organic raw material. The production of linen fabrics is waste-free and does not pollute nature. During production there are no harmful products for the environment or humans.

UAB "Namų tekstilė" sells 100% pure linen and half-linen (50% linen and 50% cotton) vertical weave fabrics.

Linen fabrics are intended for sewing clothes, bedding, tablecloths and other home textiles.

Linen fabric width is 150 or 220 cm.

Half-linen fabrics

Half-linen fabrics are made of linen and cotton yarn, vertical weave. Woven out of natural cotton and linen yarn they are less wrinkly, absorb moisture well and are fitting for all kinds of bedding.

We wish you a pleasant experience with "Namų tekstilė" fabrics!