Kitchen towels

Kitchen towels are one of the most essential practical accessories of every kitchen. The kitchen towel is designed for frequent use, so it’s not only the technical characteristics that is important but also the aesthetic appearance.

Without kitchen towels no kitchen can be imagined, regardless of its size or the purpose of the building. Kitchens are needed in tight apartments and spacious homes. Without kitchens places like restaurants, cafes, hotels, nurseries, schools, rural tourism homesteads and canteens are unimaginable. Therefore, kitchen towel users are very diverse and the wide range of kitchen towels of UAB "Namų tekstilė" satisfies their every need and taste.

The main “Namų tekstilė“ kitchen towel groups

Cotton waffled kitchen towels

We produce cotton waffled towels from special weaving cotton yarn of different thicknesses. Thicker kitchen towels with deep edges and different-sized cells absorb moisture very well. This characteristic of towels is very important because while cooking in the kitchen it is often needed to wipe hands.

Thin cotton towels make it very convenient to clean the dishes because they also absorb moisture perfectly.

 "Namų tekstilė" brand towel colors and their users

  • Bleached cotton or snow-white cotton towels’ main users are hotels and restaurants, whose kitchens and dining rooms are characterized by exceptionally high order and sterile cleanliness. It is convenient to wipe both ceramic dishes and wineglasses with these towels.
  • The main customers of variously colored monochrome towels are public catering establishments, farmsteads of the countryside and individual customers who like monochromatic colors.
  • Patterned with kitchen elements - coffee beans, cups, fruit and vegetable drawings are aesthetic and practical and are most often bought by private houses and apartment owners.

Half-linen jacquard kitchen towels

Half-linen jacquard towels are made from 50% linen and 50% cotton yarn. Such towels not only absorb moisture very well but also do not leave lint on the dishes, they are very suitable for wiping wineglasses, therefore, half-linen jacquard towels are ordered and used by restaurants and hotels. The various designs and patterns are woven out of colored yarn, so the colors of these towels are extremely durable and long lasting.

Aesthetic, durable and practical, half-linen jacquard kitchen towels are popular around the world. Customers from various countries want the colors and themes on the towels to relate to their country. For example, in Scandinavia the most requested are towels with mooses, in Germany with kittens and our compatriots choose the most diverse natural motives - from ships, sea and fish to higher animal groups. Naturally, the theme of the drawing is chosen specifically for the customer and the environment. For example, seafront restaurants prefer sea motives and for those close to pine neighborhoods the animal and bird motives are dearer.

Half-linen patterned kitchen towels

Half-linen patterned kitchen towels are made from the same fabric as gloves, bread baskets and handbags, so they can be combined and assembled. The drawings are not woven into the fabric with colored yarns but are printed on the fabric. Although, the colors of the towels are resistant to washing and fading.

Patterned with animal motives half-linen towels are in high demand in Lithuania and foreign counties, especially in Russia and other Slavic countries.

Half-linen waffled kitchen towels

Half-linen waffled kitchen towels absorb moisture very well and are more durable because they are weaved from stronger, more resistant fibers. They are softer and the thickness depends on the GSM (g/m2), which can be very diverse. Color white or natural linen.

Half-linen waffled kitchen towels are usually ordered by foreign wholesalers, mainly from Scandinavia and Germany.